A great stay in Stockholm!

A great stay in Stockholm!

While the surfing isn’t what Stockholm is anyhow famous for I gotta say it is a marvelous place to be, unlucky I couldn’t twitch the journey to be in the summer so the weather was still a bit on the chilly side to be honest, especially for my kind of taste (surfing, sun, joy) but I it is a beautiful city, especially old town is a fantastic place to just walk around and inhale the traditional architecture.

A fantastic hotel!

I choose to book a room at hotel Sheraton in Stockholm, it’s not the cheapest one but I did like the look of it, the place in the center and also I had some friends who recommended it after their visit to Stockholm so sure enough that made me book it as well. Stepping into the lobby is a nice experience, the staff is very welcomish and I felt at home directly. The room had all the bells and whistle that I needed to feel excellent and the view is no slouch either. For me this hotel in Stockholm will be my obvious choice for my next visit when getting back into town. Totally recommend it.

Next time I might take Rob on a romantic weekend Stockholm, he might deserve it 🙂